Structured Products - a brief overview

Vestinwolf Alternatives offers access to three broad categories of structured products.

  1. Participation Products

  2. Yield Optimization Products

  3. Capital Protection

Participation Products enable diversified investments to be made with small amounts at a low cost. As they directly reflect the performance of an underlying. These include:

  • Tracker Certificates

  • Outperformance Certificates

  • Bonus Certificates

  • Twin-win Certificates

Yield Optimization Products offer attractive value through coupons or discounts in the case of sideways-trending or slightly rising or falling markets. These include:

  • Discount Certificates

  • Barrier Discount Certificates

  • Reverse Convertibles

  • Barrier Reverse Convertibles

  • Conditional Coupon Reverse Convertibles

  • Conditional Coupon Barrier Reverse Convertibles

Capital Protection Products minimize the market risk while offering conditional capital preservation. They are similar to bonds in their risk profile. These include:

  • Capital Protection Note with Barriers

  • Capital Protection Note with Participation

  • Capital Protection Note with Twin-win

  • Capital Protection Note with Coupon

Further information about each type will be discussed in separate posts.

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